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We had so many entries from Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School that it will take us a few days to sort them out and pick the ones we think you will most like. In the meantime, take a look at these activities/projects and come back for more. Also, remember we would love to hear from you to learn of your ideas. Go to the SHARE page and tell us!

Activities to Support Your Earth Pledge of Allegiance

Random Acts of Kindness by Katie McCarthy
Katie's activity is for elementary school. Students will create a ribbon of Random Act of Kindness handprints that circle the school.

Cleaning Up the Earth Day Adapted from An Educator’s Reference Desk Lesson Plan, submitted by Adam Mohr
Through this activity the students will realize that pollution is one of the world’s biggest problems and find out what he or she can do to help clean up our Earth.
The students will be able to:
• comprehend environmental issues our planet faces
• state some facts about recycling
• help clean up a school playground
• chart different types of pollution on a bar graph

Living Ecosystems in my Backyard by Amy Ellisor, Curriculum Director
This lesson teaches students about the marvelous, complex ecosystems that live all around us. Students will develop an awareness of man’s impact on natural areas. Students will discover complex organisms including trees, animals, and plants and in turn see how these organisms use energy and materials from the environment to transform them into other matter for the larger environment.

Monkeys in the Rainforest Adapted from An Educator’s Reference Desk Lesson Plan, submitted by Adam Mohr
This lesson gives students an awareness of why it is important to prserve natural habitats for all animals.

Sea Animal Survival Adapted from Discovery School, Summer Productions, Inc.
Students will learn about survival mechanisms for sea animals. Students will learn about blubber, a layer of fat beneath the skin of many sea mammals. Students will learn how blubber acts as an insulator, helping sea mammals to keep warm in cold waters.

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